What happened to Christmas Eve?

What happened to Christmas Eve?

What happened to Christmas? 

The older we get t and more responsibilities we take that our perception of Christmas changes a lot. For many of us, Christmas is mainly associated with rush, queues in shops, carry heavy shopping and of course spending a lot of money (up to overdraft). In addition, there is hard work in the kitchen and a few days of stress at risk: will everything be done on time? Consumerism has crept imperceptibly into family holidays, which have turned into a celebration of shopping and meeting someone's expectations. But has it always been like this?


Christmas? It used to be better

You can hear more and more often: it used to be different ... Maybe we just all was closer to each other. In the times of the Internet and prosperity, we seem to have the opportunity to be closer, and yet everyone runs away somewhere. This is especially evident in children who, even at Christmas Eve, can sit still with their nose stuck in the smartphone. Adults are no better: it's hard to turn off your mobiles, TV and just be offline. Even just for a while. To be here and now. Is this how family Christmas should look like? We have no control over everything. Especially to other people's reactions. However, we must not succumb to anything that is harmful not only to ourselves, but also to our family. We won't hurt children if they don't have the biggest and most expensive toy in the whole school. Moreover, we will contribute to not feeding the claiming monster in the child. Children are tempted with advertisements from an early age. For advertisers, the youngest are a very tasty morsel, which is why advertising for children is one of the most effective. They just know the kids won't give up until their parents, grandmothers and aunts buy them wanted toy. Let's take it as a challenge to teach the young person that gifts are a nice addition - not the heart of Christmas. Of course, there is nothing wrong with giving our loved ones gifts. But is it really necessary for your child to buy a 7-story garage or a big doll camper for a few hundred dollars? A thousand thoughts wents through mind. : What if I give not enough? What if a child will throw away, screaming that he wanted a garage?


Take control of situation

In that case, all that remains is to congratulate ourselves on making an decision to change and be consistent. It is said that children need twice less money and twice as much attention. This is the wise truth. If we give a small child a smartphone or tablet, we can be sure that the chance for shared moments will be irretrievably stolen by the time spent in front of the display. This is the first generation so exposed to the relationship-devastating world of technology. In a few years, children will not read the blacklist of people who have failed their gift expectations. There is a good chance, however, that with a little effort, we will give the family something much more important than gifts. Do you remember from your childhood the smell of a Christmas tree, gingerbread that grandma was baking? Do you remember what Christmas carols were sung at the Christmas table? Who was the first to splash the festive outfit with soup? This is what it will stay and will most likely be passed on. Let's ask for the phones to be returned to basket or bag that will pass through each guest at the table. You have to take matters into your own hands and reject the expectations of others that are harmful to us. Christmas is, as the name suggests, not a shopping celebration, but a special experience evoking The Birth of Jesus ChristFrom the point of view of tradition, it is a special time spent with the family. One of a kind. Let's plan to bake and cook together. Even with kids! This is a great opportunity to listen to Christmas carols and recall family stories. Let's ask for help in shopping, not to take everything on our shoulders. Together we can do more!


religious gift for Christmas



Christmas 2020 in the times of COVID-19

The government has announced that this year's Christmas will not be the same as always. Fear is everyway. Especially for the elderly. Many legends have arisen around the coronavirus, including those reproduced by mainstream media that have little to do with science and facts. However, what we all experienced was fear for loved ones, for the future and for freedom. You can go insane by following the media reports of subsequent cases. This is especially true for older people who find it hard to distance themselves from the terrible news broadcast by the media 24 hours a day. In addition, a lot of information is unreliable, contradicting each other, and even contradicting each other. The topic for the quarrel at the Christmas table is provided. Regardless of what we think about the virus, it is not worth spoiling the holidays just to prove one or the other thesis. Focusing on your limitations and cultivating your fear will not change anything for the better. What is worth doing is looking for an individual solution and what connects us. Composure and peace even when the world is going crazy is the best we can do. Prayer and meditation also play a great role. What we choose depends only on our free will: fear or trust, darkness or light. Let us not follow the frightened crowd blindly. Let us be those who trust in ourselves and in God. It only depends on us whether the viral virtue of the virus will be to appreciate what we have and use the situation to experience Christmas more deeply.


Christmas gift ideas

When it comes to a Christmas gift, first of all, let's spend the amounts we can afford, that is, those that will not make us into debt. It is worth buying Christmas gifts in advance, then the prices are more bargain. Anyway, this year it will be dictated by the necessity due to the virus. So it's worth planning online shopping in advance so as not to bite your nails while waiting for a last minute delivery. It is also good when a Christmas gift is well thought out and reusable. According to the principle, quality over quantity. Better to buy a small good-quality trinket than a dubious-branded big gift. In the case of the latter, it is highly probable that after Christmas it will end its life under a thick layer of dust or in a garbage can. As a company we recommend a particularly religious Christmas gift, which for a believer will be an additional element of celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ. Ceramic prints are available with prayers in Latin, but some of them we can endorse with our own intention for the individual. It is a good idea for a religious gift for dad or a gift for grandma. A good idea for a gift for her are women accessories, for example jewelry or a silk scarf, which, if properly selected, can be an accessory for a lifetime. And even a gift passed down from generation to generation. A gift for a mum for Christmas can turn out to be a gift for a woman in the next generation.


Women silk scarves gift for her Christmas gift


The idea for a Christmas gift for a child is a real challenge today, as long as we do not want to buy neon plastic dolls or smartphones that they will become addicted to. Let's focus on quality and what we want to convey to the child. On the Internet you will find many fantastic toys at a good price made of natural materials. Great place to buy something special is Etsy -international selling platform or the small shops like Avicella Online Shop. We especially recommend the ceramic print of Guardian Angel for a child, which can be attached with words of prayer or special dedication. It is not only an original religious decoration but great gift with intention for years. Another option is DIY- Do It Yourself. On the Internet, we will find many ways to create cute gifts, which will additionally be made with our hands, or better: together with the family with children. Just enter your gift idea on YouTube or in the search engine with the note DIY. Christmas can really look different, smell like it used to and build a sense of community. It is only our choice.

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